Tea x Wine Full Moon Gift Set

The moon on Mid-Autumn Festival should be especially bright, shining on every family member and friend. Setting up a table of wine and dishes, drinking and chatting around is the coolest moment in autumn.

Wine and Tea Gift set contains one red and one white bottle of organic Italian wines from Sicily, also two selected tea from Yunnan specially for this season. A cup of tea with a nice glass of wines are the best company for your family gathering and can show your care and love to those around.

Bagliesi – VB59 Catarratto
Bagliesi – Scialusu Rosso
Black Tea – Snow Mountain Sun-dried Black Tea (30g)
Puer Tea – BingDao Old Tea Head (50g)


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Bright golden colour with aromas of lemon, pear and apple and wildflowers. Harmonious, fresh and layered, this full-bodied wine with a long finish is an organic white wine from Sicily (VB59 Catarratto), which is perfect with fish and chicken, and even salty and fatty seafood dishes with chili peppers such as Appetizer cold dishes, saliva chicken, chili fried prawns, etc.

The aroma of red cherries and wood fruits is full of aromas, and the attractive and fresh aroma is derived from Scialusu Rosso, an organic red wine from Italy. It is suitable for pairing with meat and dishes with sweet and sour flavors.

A cup of tea – <Snow Mountain Sun-dried Black Tea>, produced in Mengku Town, Shuangjiang, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. It is made of ancient tree spring tea by natural sunlight. Sunburn is a tea that gets more fragrant with age, and its aroma is stable and can be stored for a long time. The tea is mild and refreshing on the palate. Drink it before eating and drinking to help remove oiliness, aid digestion and stimulate appetite!

A cup of tea – <BingDao Pu-erh Old Tea Head>. This BingDao is located in Iceland Village, Mengku Town, Shuangjiang, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. The ancient tree big-leaf tea has been loved by Pu-erh tea lovers in recent years! The high temperature generated in the process, the sugary and colloidal parts are agglomerated, which is a treasure in cooked Pu-erh. Generally, 20 tons of cooked tea is fermented, only 100-300 kg of old tea head. The taste is thick, the tea soup is smooth and resistant to foaming. In addition, the Pu-erh cooked tea has the characteristics of warming the stomach and eliminating stagnation, not cold, not hot and upright. It is suitable for the whole family to soak in a pot after eating moon cakes.


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