La Pitancerie

In the heart of the Côte des Bar, in the village of Essoyes, an Estate known as “La Pitancerie” was created in the 13th century by the Cistercian monks of Molesmes Abbey. This historic place was once a place of restoration where “La Pulmenta Regularia”, “La Pitance” and “La Generale” were served. Today renewed in the vineyard, this historic place resumes its original splendor by producing champagne wines with finesse and multiple subtle and singular aromas. Concerned about environmental values, the cuvées are produced in the purest Champagne tradition and the vineyard is managed by “sustainable viticulture”.

Now 7 generations of winemakers, we strive to work with respect for the environment. Tillage is a major element, distributing strength and character, biodiversity plays a key role in revealing the suppleness and minerality of this land. The Vineyards are mainly composed of PinotNoir, favorite variety of Côte des Bar. No chemical weeding, plowing the soil and grassing in autumn.

We are converting cultural practices for better respect for the environment and sustainability.

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