Vinos Guerra

The winery was founded in 1879, which is when they released their first bottle of Guerra, making Vinos Guerra one of the oldest wineries producing and selling bottled wine, as well as one of the oldest brands of Spain.

Antonio Guerra was a pharmacist and a real visionary, who was able to appreciate and value the potential of the vineyards of Bierzo, long before the appellation was designated; the designer wineries built; and the wine tours and poetic back labels were imagined and created.

Applying revolutionary winemaking techniques and marketing, before the term was probably even invented, Vinos Guerra demonstrated the virtues of the wines from Bierzo to the world. From the sunny slopes along the line of the Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago de Compostela, they have created amazing wines from the ancient vineyard mingled with ancient Roman and Visigothic ruins.

After years of constant innovation, the winery combined with the new cooperative Vinos del Bierzo. Founded in 1963 with the best technology and equipment from France, the cooperative gave the decisive boost to the sales of the wines from Bierzo. This renewed energy gave a boost to the preservation of two of the most important treasures of this region: its ancient vineyards and its indigenous grapes, Mencía and Godello.

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