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Our idea is from "Harvest Party" where family and friends enjoy music and drink after the hard work. Join our event to enjoy awesome wines and the opportunity to meet someone you have never met before and become friends for the rest of your life.

Taste autumn sharing session
Mid Autumn Wine and Jewellery Party Registration here Tasting wine and finding the right wine for you While tasting jewelry, know your lucky stone Autumn is getting stronger, and I have a warm and relaxing time with my family and friends. Appreciate the beautiful things in life, taste the wine and food We have tried to prepare a party wine for Mid-Autumn Festival, and to match the constellation wine of September and October. Date: September 6, 2019 (Friday) Time: 6 pm – 9 pm (5:30 pm) Venue: Room 1717-1718, 17th…
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Wine Tasting Dinner with Sommelier from Italy
報名按此 在FUTURUS GOURMET 與來自意大利VENETO的品酒師, FABIO一起品味意大利葡萄酒, 展開一段PRETTY AWESOME EXPERIENCE. 誰說喝酒只能喝名莊? PAE就為你帶來小酒莊的驚喜!  在環繞着橄欖樹的有機葡萄園, 有着以愛狗命名的品牌的酒莊; 年産只有不超過5萬瓶, 卻有Decanter 96分評論的小酒莊; 愛上天使山(Colle Degli Angeli) 而成為酒莊主人, 喊着PASSION FOR PARADISE的企業家! 來自古羅馬就開始釀酒的地區之一的VENETO, 品酒師FABIO自小就跟祖父母們在葡萄園幫忙及釀酒。26歲就成為FISAR Sommelier, 把他對葡萄酒的熱愛分享給身邊的人。 快來跟我們一起分享他們的故事, 他們的葡萄酒! 時間: 2019年4月23日, 下午7點半地點: Futurus Gourmet (九龍城)收費: 每人$600, 二人同行價格$1,080
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soul. Hand-painted red wine wooden box workshop
A cool and nice day out in DB Sunday market! It is really fun and relax when you can taste and meet with new friends!
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PA Experience Night: Potting X BINGO game
The event is over! Since the Spring and Autumn Period in China, the madness has helped the wines of all walks of life. Test your hand-eye coordination, moving cells. From the luxury feast of the emperor’s aristocracy to the feast of the Confucian people, it is an indispensable game. The experience moved to today’s PAE, blending with the family-run BINGO, PAE wines, and the Chinese and Western walls bring you different Friday nights.
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Taste and Paint “Intuitive Paintings with Senses” by AOD and PAE Wine
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