The Tamburini Winery

The Tamburini Winery covers an area of 50 hectares, including magnificent vineyards in Chianti and the Montalcino area, along with olive groves and glorious woods.

Since 1890, the Tamburini family has produced the finest wines, organic olive oil and grappa, a high-quality liqueur, and a typically local Italian product.

Five generations brought together by their passion for viticulture and olives, and by their love for products of excellence.
The management of the Tamburini estate has always been based on combining a passion for tradition with the use of the best techniques to produce the finest wines and products. In particular, a major agricultural and technological refresh has been underway since 2002, involving 30 hectares of vines and 1,000 olive trees.

Courtesy of such constant attention, Tamburini wines and other products from the estate are now sold around the world. Tamburini exports world-renowned wines such as Chianti DOCG, Brunello di Montalcino, and other labels that represent the very best of Tuscany.

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