Raw Puerh: Baihuashu Village

General Information
Baihuashu Village in Nasai Village is located in the eastern half of Menku Town, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. It is a small village.  According to information on the internet, the population of Nasai Village is 1,624, and Baihuashu Village is one of the 12 village groups. Therefore, Baihuashu Village likely has a similar number of residents as 4 floors of general apartments in Hong Kong SAR.
Natural Environment
Baihuashu Village has a sparse population, inconvenient transportation, limited power supply, and lack of communication means. As a result, there are no factories or heavy industry, and the original tea mountains are well preserved.  Most of the tea trees grow on sunny slopes, fully absorbing the sunshine. They are bitter and astringent, with a sweet texture and a high aroma. Growing in an environment with fresh air and clean, sweet river water, the tea from Baihuashu Village is of excellent quality.


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What you need to know before drinking tea?
Raw Pu’erh is equivalent to green tea, containing a large number of active ingredients like chlorophyll, catechins, tea polyphenols, vitamins C and P.
It has benefits like lowering cholesterol, clearing blood lipids, refreshing and antioxidant, diuretic and detoxifying, and clearing heat.
Due to its refreshing effect, it’s best to drink Raw Pu’erh in the morning to avoid affecting sleep.
Younger vintage raw Pu’erh has a colder nature and can irritate the stomach, so those with poor digestion should avoid drinking on an empty stomach.
Women with a cold constitution or dysmenorrhea should not drink too much raw Pu’erh as well.
For those with damp-heat constitution but weak stomach, it’s recommended to start drinking raw Pu’erh in the morning after breakfast, no more than 5 cups.

Tips to make your tea
1. Tea to water ratio: 30:1, so a 180ml container can hold about 6g of tea leaves.
2. Brewing water temperature: 90-95°C for brewing, 100°C for briefly rinsing the leaves.
3. Brewing Method: Pour hot water along the edge of the pot to avoid directly pouring on the leaves.
4. Brewing time: 1st-3rd brews take about 15s to release the soup, then adjust time based on personal taste & water temperature.


Green Puerh, Black Puerh, White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea


Yunna Provence, Lincang, Mengku Town, Nasai Village, Baihuashu


Spring, 2022


It is the representative of rattan tea, with firm and thick leaves and clear yellow color tea.


Freshy Floral, woods and herbs, honey scent. Masculine feeling of bright sunlight.


Refreshing & smooth in the mouth. Slightly bitter but the astringent goes away quickly, leaving lingering sweetness in the mouth. Straight forward sense along the body and very awakening!


Anti-oxidant and anti-aging, reduce 3-hypers level, help in lose weight, strengthen immunity, anti-inflammatory, detoxification