Black Tea: Great Snow Mountain Sun-Dried

General Information
This region refers to the impressive, snow-capped Great Snow Mountain (Daxueshan) peak that towers over the city of Lincang in southwestern China’s Yunnan province.
The tea leaves are selected from the ancient tea trees grow in the area. After being pan-fired to stop oxidation, the leaves are naturally fermented in the sunshine to produce sun-dried black tea.

The Characteristics
The fermentation for sun-dried red tea is relatively light in oxidation, allowing both fermentation and partial oxidation to occur simultaneously.
This results in a degree of fermentation lower than mainstream (roasted) red teas, creating a unique flavor profile between oolong and mainstream black teas.
For this tea, the aroma is fragrant and the soup is amber in color. It is smooth and with sweetness on palate.
Can be aged to get a sweeter aroma, thick and smooth texture and mellow taste.


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What you need to know before drinking tea?
Yunnan’s sun-dried black tea originated from longstanding folk techniques, representing an evolution of Yunnan’s traditional tea processing methods.
The sun light hours per year in Yunnan is around 1000 – 2800 hours, which give a very unique edge of producing sun-dried tea and becomes its prominent type of tea.
It is quite distinct from the modern red tea production techniques introduced to Yunnan in the 1930s, as it is closer to the oolong tea processing approach, and thus categorized as a type of black tea.
It contains rich substances. After storage, the tea soup will tends to have more complexity and sweetness. It also has its own characteristics – mountain alliteration, which makes it very drinkable.

It is suitable for women and people with stomachs problem.
It has the effect of removing dampness, nourishing the skin and warming the stomach.
Especially those who are used to drinking Pu’er (cooked tea) will taste its unique sun flavor.
In summer, you can drink warm black tea or brew it and let it cool in fridge. It not only help to restore body balance and quenches thirst, but also prevent heatstroke.

Aging Capability
Unlike the modern black tea, sun-dried black tea especially the one harvest from ancient trees, can be aged like Pu’erh for over 20 years.
The newer sun-red tea has a slight green and astringent taste, the floral fragrance is natural and elegant, and it is unobtrusive when left in the cup. The tea soup is
orange and translucent, the bottom of the leaves is yellow-brown and fresh, and it is sweet and smooth.
After being stored for about a year, the green and astringent taste gradually disappears, the sweet floral aroma becomes more apparent, and the soup color deepens.
After three years of storage, the aroma is fragrant and the soup is orange-red in color. At this time, theaflavins and thearubigins are effectively transformed, and the drinking effect is very good.
For those has been stored for more than ten years has a sweet aroma, a deep red soup color and a mellow taste.

Tips to make your tea
1) Tea to water ratio: 30: 1, that is, 6g of tea can be placed in a 180 ml container
2) Brewing water temperature: 85-90°C, 100°C for briefly rinsing the leaves.
3) Brewing time: The tea soup should come out quickly. The 1st to 3rd brewing time will take 1s, and the subsequent times can be extended to 3, 5, and 8s, etc


Black Tea, Sun Dried


Yunna Provence, Lincang, Mengku Town, Daxueshan (Great Snow Mountain)




Leaves are completed, firm and large. Dark green with obvious amount of golden sprout ! The tea soup are clear amber color with golden hue.


The tea has subtle aroma of wild flower, herbs, fruit and red dates, and some honey hints.


Thick & smooth in the mouth like honey. The sweetness of the tea soup is clearly detected. Very velvet, lingering aftertaste of honey and sweet dates.


Moderate and neutral due to the sun-dried method. Refreshes the mind, eliminates fatigue, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, diuretic and edema, antipyretic and detoxifying.


25g, 50g