Barolo DOCG Ravera 2016


It used to be said that Barolo was the king?s wine and the king of wines. Its name means elegance, a perfect union of structure, rich fragrance and unmistakable flavour, living up to its reputation with every bottle.

It is a great wine, its intense garnet red colour reminds a summer sunset. Its bouquet tells of the freshest fruits with a touch of dusky spice and, now and then, the faint scent of the truffle, that other classic champion of the Alba area, can be recognized. The finest moment comes with the tasting, however.? The flavour is long, smooth and balanced.


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The grapes, carefully harvested by hand, are immediately brought to the winery into suitable small aired crates and then destalked and soft pressed. The must is fermented at a maximum temperature of 30?C, that is controlled only through careful and frequent pumps-over. The skins are macerated for at least 15 days and when the fermentation is totally completed, that is all the sugar has been transformed into alcohol, the wine is racked off and transferred into stainless steel containers and the vinification process is completed with the malolactic fermentation.

Most of the wine is matured for more than 2 years in Slavonian oak casks, while the remaining part is matured for about 12 months in medium toasted French oak tonneaux. Then the two wines are blended together and complete the maturation several months prior bottling. This way, a quite excellent elegant final wine is obtained, featured by full body and outstanding characteristics, big but perfectly well balanced structure, with intense scent. It is particularly suitable for ageing. Fining out: a period of more than 6 months in bottle completes the production process prior the wine can be released for consumption

Alcohol: The minimum alcohol content should be 13%

It should be served at 18?C or 65?F, but not cooler. This wine is the perfect mate for roasts, tasty cheeses, wild game, stews and grilled meats. Some zesty appetizers and highly seasoned pasta dishes are a good companion for Barolo.




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